what is this?

a shared Factorio server for the tildeverse

who is it for?

members of the tildeverse, their friends, and anyone who wants to play and follow the guidelines of "no drama" and "don't hack the Gibson".

when does it run?

the server will run on weekends, from approximately 6 PM US eastern time Fridays to 6 AM US eastern time Monday morning and the inaugural weekend/launch of the server is currently set for October 11, 2019. invite your friends!

where can I learn more?

update: we now have wiki where we can discuss the initial map seed and plan for the launch, as well as co-ordinate communication going forward

travis/audiodude is the main and only admin at the moment, you can read his tilde.club page for more information on the motivation behind this.

you might also find some information on the email thread that he started.